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DUI convictions are forever.

Records of your traffic offenses are permanent. Though most employers and insurance companies order only a three or seven year history you need to be aware that all driving convictions remain on your record with the Department of Driver Services forever. But only the charge you are convicted of appears. For example, if you are arrested for DUI and the case is reduced to reckless driving or another lesser slot machine included offense your driving history does not show the DUI, it only shows the final disposition. Another reason to hire an experienced DUI defense attorney like Robert Webb to keep your record as clean as possible.

Driving with any amount of a controlled substance in your blood or urine means you could be convicted of DUI.

To be convicted of DUI - alcohol the State must prove either that you had over .08 gms% (.02 if you are under 21) of alcohol in your blood OR you were impaired to the extent that you were a "less safe" driver. With illegal drugs the State a much easier task to get a conviction. All the State must prove in a DUI - drugs case is that your blood casino contained any amount of a controlled substance. So it doesn"t matter if you were impaired by the substance or not. Note to self. If you have used a controlled substance within http://www.phpaide.com/download.php?langue=fr&id=1 30 days of being stopped for DUI you should always refuse to submit to a blood test.

Under 21 year old drivers must REFUSE all testing

Georgia law provides that under 21 year old drivers are deemed under the influence of alcohol if they have .02 grams percent of alcohol in their blood. It only takes one drink to be .02 for persons weighing 160 lbs or less. Drivers who are over 21 years of age are presumed NOT under the influence if they are less than .05. Also, the Georgia appellate courts have said it is OK to arrest an under 21 year old driver without any evidence of impairment.