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Assault & Battery Lawyers in Marietta

Assault & Battery is a serious offense in Georgia. The thing that a lot of people fail to realize is that they are actually 2 separate offenses. If both have been committed then they are listed together. Many people think they are just one offense because they are so often linked together.

Assault occurs whenever somebody tries to inflict harm to another unsuccessfully. This could be intimidation, threats, or harassing gestures. Battery is whenever someone inflicts bodily harm to a person intentionally. It is the 'bodily' harm that separates the two offenses.

Aggravated Assault & Simple Assault:

Any attempts to threaten or commit violent injury to another person may wind up being a Simple Assault. This is a misdemeanor. Whenever an assault is committed in a more heightened manner such as:

  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Force with a deadly weapon
  • Discharging a firearm from within vehicles, or
  • Murder

it then qualifies as being an Aggravated Assault. These offenses are felonies, and are punishable by as much as 20 years behind bars.

Anybody charged with either assault or battery needs to be aware that circumstances exist that could possible elevate the potential penalties the are facing, resulting in a longer minimum term of imprisonment. Examples of these would be crimes against public employees, prior criminal convictions, crimes committed on public land, or any other kind of aggravating circumstances. Regardless of the charge, there are criminal defense lawyers at Webb & D'Orazio, who will utilize their collective experience to give you the proper professional representation necessary to defend you and your rights.

What a Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Do For You:

It's especially difficult to prove assault cases. This due to the lack of physical evidence. The battery cases are a lot easier to prove because there is existing provable physical injury. No matter which one you face, it is crucial that you contact your Marietta Criminal Defense Lawyer ASAP. That means the minute you find out somebody has filed a charge against you. The quicker you retain legal representation, then the more time you are going to have to build up the strongest case and fight against the accusations.

Get Yourself Help From a Marietta Assault & Battery Lawyer:

The Webb & D'Orazio firm are highly recognized for their ability to deliver exceptional results in these cases. If you receive counsel and representation from a lawyer with our firm, then those assault and battery charges could very well be dismissed.

Anytime you are seeking legal representation, you want to make sure that the attorneys representing you have experience in this area. You also want to know they have a good track record for success. There are many newcomers out there wanting to make a name for themselves, and they should be. However, your odds of receiving the verdict you need is much better with someone who is already well established in representing clients in these specific types of offenses.

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