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Plea Bargain vs. Trial

Drunk driving is a serious charge, and the choice of taking a plea bargain as opposed to going to trial should be handled with expert care. A plea bargain may be the better choice in some instances, but going to trial could be wiser in other situations.

The attorneys at Webb & D'Orazio understand this, and this is why anyone in the Marietta Georgia area facing DUI charges should contact our office. A DUI accident that causes injuries may lead to a guilty verdict even if you could have been proven innocent, but good legal guidance from Webb & D'Orazio can keep this scenario from happening to you.

Many people consider the plea bargain alternative as a way to avoid convictions at trial, and we can get DUI charges reduced to reckless driving in many instances. You make the decision to enter a plea bargain, but we will apprise you of all possible consequences before you decide. We will cover the aspects of going to trial, and you can make an informed decision with our counsel.


Reckless driving plea offers are not automatic, and it will take a thorough investigation to get your charges reduced. Investigations are designed to amass evidence that demonstrates legal problems on the prosecuting side, and your specific legal issues will be presented in court on your behalf.

The prosecutor may offer a plea that reduces your charge to reckless driving if the case is classified as compromised, or the case may be dismissed entirely. You may have to fight the original charge in court if the prosecutor insists on pursuing your case, and this is why you need a knowledgeable and experienced attorney advocating for you throughout the entire process.

The attorneys at Webb & D'Orazio will do all that they can to gather evidence that will support reasonable doubt regarding your guilt or evidence that may exonerate you.


A hung jury refers to trials where the jury cannot determine if there is a sufficient amount of evidence to support a conviction. This is followed by a new process of setting another trial date, and the trial procedure must begin again. It may be most desirable to bring things to a close and avoid another trial, and this can occur by entering into a plea bargain. The prosecutor may recommend a plea or offer to dismiss the DUI charges following a hung jury.


Going to trial may be the advantageous option in many cases, especially if there is strong evidence to support a "not guilty" verdict. The attorneys at Webb & D'Orazio will search for any flaws in the case and proceedings, and they will challenge any evidence that is questionable.

Our Marietta Georgia firm focuses on DUI cases, and we have the resources to gather evidence and prepare for trial. We keep up with new scientific discoveries, legal issues, and judgments. We refer to past cases when appropriate, and this is why we are successful in drawing "not guilty" verdicts for so many of our clients.

We will work tirelessly for you from your initial call, and you can be assured that we will continue this momentum until your case is resolved. Your charges may be serious and seem overwhelming, but Webb & D'Orazio will handle your case with consistent expertise no matter what charge you may be facing.

If you have been convicted of a DUI charge, call a Marietta DUI lawyer today at 770-952-7000

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