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Why We Are Criminal Law Experts

Hire A Marietta Criminal Attorney For Your Legal Issues

A Cobb County criminal attorney works with and studies crimes only. The crimes are typically very specific and government filed. A person facing criminal charges in Marietta and all of Cobb County will have to face a government prosecutor in court for the crime of which he or she is being accused. Not all criminal acts are treated the same in courts across the United States. There are two kinds of criminal acts: misdemeanors and felonies. Misdemeanors are lighter offenses than felonies and are treated as such. Convictions can have repercussions from no jail time all the way to serving a year or less in a Cobb County jail.

Felony charges can lead to prison time that is typically longer than a sentence of one year and can even be for a lifetime or worse, depending on the crime and the judge. Felony crimes are often heinous, such as kidnapping, rape, and murder. When suspected of a felony, the government issues a warrant for the person's arrest. A Cobb County criminal attorney can help such individuals present the best defense possible, advise them of all possible outcomes and alternatives, and ensure the best possible outcome for each client. With a criminal attorney charges can sometimes be reduced or dropped altogether.

How A Criminal Lawyer Can Help You

There are some jobs that are best left up to the professionals. Just as it would not be smart to try to perform an intricate medical procedure on yourself, trying to defend yourself when facing criminal charges can be disastrous. If you have been charged with any criminal offense, from a DUI to a violent crime, it is important that you call the attorneys at Webb & D'Orazio today.

Time is of the essence when facing criminal charges. Even if you have not been formally charged, if you feel like a charge is likely or if the police have determined that you are a person of interest, it is essential that you not wait until it is too late. Our expert attorneys may be able help prepare you for future possibilities and keep you from doing anything that would make your case more difficult. Our attorneys are also prepared to help investigate the situation to prove your innocence.

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"Having dealt with attorneys for many years, I always walked away feeling dissatisfied and taken advantage of. Robert was forthcoming and honest with what options we had, spoke and treated my family like humans. He was conscious of our budget and of our time. We need more attorney's like Robert."