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We are a full service law firm that offers a broad range of legal services. Our firm represents clients in Marietta and all of Cobb County, as well as all counties in the State of Georgia. Our trained legal teams concentrate on litigation. We also maintain a special focus on criminal defense. The experts on our Cobb County Criminal Defense team serve as powerful advocates in the courtroom.


Our goal is simple. We hope to provide quality representation effectively and efficiently. At our firm, our criminal defense attorneys and personal injury lawyers will fight for your rights! We will work to provide you with the personal care and dedication needed to help obtain a successful outcome for your case. We strive to meet all of our clients' needs and concerns, regardless of the complexity or difficulty of the matter. Our attorneys demonstrate the dedication, fortitude and commitment to see your matter to a proper resolution. Our staff is able to fully support your goals by utilizing messenger services, investigators, paralegals, and experts, depending on your individual needs.


If you are arrested, contact a skilled and well trained lawyer at our firm. Our attorneys focus on criminal defense and have a long history of reaching the client's goals and achieving success. Attorney Robert Webb and his team focus on criminal defense, including areas such as DUI defensemedical marijuanathree strikesrestraining ordersdrug crimesmurdersex crimestheft crimesviolent crimes and domestic violence cases.

At Webb & D'Orazio, we know that being confronted with a criminal charge can be frightened and confusing. Our Marietta criminal defense team is made up of lawyers with experience and former police officers who serve as our investigators. At our law firm, the entire staff will work tirelessly to ensure that you are protected because we understand that success matters. Cobb County DUI Law attorney Robert Webb has an excellent track record defending residents of Marietta and the surrounding areas.

Can I get a DUI while Parked?

There was a time where “sleeping it off” seemed harmless, but today it can actually get you charged with a DUI. “How is this possible?” You might ask yourself that, but sadly it happens more than you think. If an officer sees someone in their car, even if it is not moving, they may make a determination that the person had the intent to drive. The result is that you may be cited for DUI.

As Marietta's premier DUI attorneys, don't take the chance of fighting this by yourself. Give us a call  at Webb & D'Orazio and our experts will help you.


At Webb & D'Orazio, we have built our firm by representing the legal needs of clients throughout the Cobb County area. Our attorneys have more than 60 years between them making our clients' voices heard by the Cobb County judicial system. We believe that the foundation for high quality legal services begins with the attorney-client relationship. For that reason, every member of our firm's legal team is dedicated to providing clients with individualized legal services tailored to their specific individual needs.


Clients turn to our firm because they know we understand the Cobb County court system. We have spent our careers representing clients effectively and, in the process, have earned the respect of judges and court personnel throughout the system. In fact, Attorney Webb is a former Cobb County prosecutor. As a result, he understands how the other side thinks. He incorporates his knowledge of prosecution strategies into every criminal defense client he represents and that makes him the best choice as a Marietta defense attorney.

The legal system can be frightening and confusing for clients, so we take the time to work with our clients one-on-one. We want our clients to know that they have experienced attorneys standing with them during this difficult time. Because they know they can depend on our seasoned legal judgment to understand all of their available legal options, clients gain the confidence they need in order to make choices about the future.


Our lawyers invite potential clients to schedule an initial consultation with our firm by calling 770-952-7000. You can also reach our attorneys online. All communications between potential clients and our firm remain entirely confidential.

About Us

The firm Webb and D'Orazio was formed in 1993 after the two partners returned from London having settled an important case with Lloyds of London. Since then the firm and continued enjoying success representing the wrongfully injured and accused.

Featured Testimonial

"Having dealt with attorneys for many years, I always walked away feeling dissatisfied and taken advantage of. Robert was forthcoming and honest with what options we had, spoke and treated my family like humans. He was conscious of our budget and of our time. We need more attorney's like Robert."