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Finding the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have gotten into a serious injury due to the negligence of someone else, it can be quite frustrating, as you have to deal with insurers who have no idea how bad you were affected due to the negligence of the offending party.

Instead of recuperating, you are forced to negotiate with individuals who are not truly interested in assisting you. The Marietta personal injury attorneys of Webb & D'Orazio work tirelessly to represent their clients, individuals who have been maimed due to reckless, careless or wrongful actions of others. Robert Webb and John D'Orazio, our seasoned partners, have more than 60 years of experience in the legal field of personal injury law. They take tough cases to trial. We offer the experience of our seasoned team to help you win your case.

A majority of cases do not go to trial.

Thus, if you are looking for a Cobb County Personal Injury Lawyer, keep in mind that many attorneys, at present, do not have enough trial experience. Please note that taking personal injury cases to trial takes a highly-advanced set of skills, in comparison to settlement negotiation. This not only requires extensive knowledge of the law. This also requires tenacity, resilience and charisma, along with understanding how jurors will respond to the story you have laid out for them. A good lawyer will know the best way to tell it to them.

Our skilled and battle-hardened attorneys have proven themselves worthy in the courtroom. They have helped countless victims of negligence by obtaining the full compensation they so rightly deserve for their suffering.

Negligence Under Georgia Law

Our job is to represent plaintiffs, people who have been injured in different kinds of accidents caused by recklessness and negligence. Our killed attorneys are experienced in lawsuits that involve truck accidents or car wrecks. In most cases, these accidents could have been prevented, had the defendant had used proper caution during the situation. These cases are mostly caused by drunkenness, driver fatigue or simple reckless behavior. These accidents usually result in severe effects, which may be felt for a lifetime. Our firm has also handled numerous cases that involved product liability, wrongful death premises liability and serious/catastrophic injuries. Most of these cases are caused by negligent conduct by the defendant.

A personal injury plaintiff in Georgia who wants to prove negligence has to show that:

  1. The defendant owed a duty to the plaintiff
  2. That he or she breached that duty,
  3. The breach proximately or actually caused an injury, and
  4. The plaintiff did suffer damages.

Georgia, as a state, follows a modified doctrine of comparative negligence. Thus, plaintiffs who are found to be partially responsible for their injuries must have the damages adjusted downward in accordance to their degree of fault. Therefore, a plaintiff who is 50% or more responsible for his injuries cannot receive any compensation. However, with the help of an experienced attorney, the plaintiff has a better chance as the lawyer can help bring the jury to the plaintiff's side.

Marietta Personal Injury Attorneys Are Your Best Bet

If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer to negotiate a quick settlement, please know that this is not hard to pull off. Even so, in most cases, you will not know the full extent of the damage that has befallen you physically until months or even a year after the accident. Thus, it would be unfair to your family or other dependents if you were to settle so quickly. At Webb & D'Orazio, we work hard to build strong cases that can be taken to trial. This includes conducting a thorough discovery, interviewing all witnesses, even reconstructing the accidents, and finally consulting with physicians and economists about the damages you have suffered. Although there is hope that atrial can be avoided due to the expense of going through with one, our diligent preparation coupled with our strong reputation will make it more likely for the insurer or corporation to offer you a significant settlement just to conclude your case.

Our firm takes cases based on contingency fees. Thus, we do not recover our fees unless you get compensation from the person responsible for your condition, making us the best and most trusted Cobb County Personal Injury Lawyer firm. We help clients who have been injured in Marietta and also surrounding areas in the state of Georgia. If you would like a free consultation, do not hesitate to call our experienced Cobb County personal injury lawyers at (770) 952-7000. You can also do so using our online form.

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"Having dealt with attorneys for many years, I always walked away feeling dissatisfied and taken advantage of. Robert was forthcoming and honest with what options we had, spoke and treated my family like humans. He was conscious of our budget and of our time. We need more attorney's like Robert."