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Got A Speeding Ticket? Do You Have An Experienced Lawyer?

Most of us have encountered law enforcement at one time or another when traveling by vehicle, whether it was a routine stop or a speeding ticket, and in the case of the latter, most people will elect to pay the ticket, just so that they can put the matter behind them. This can be a mistake. The reason that it can be a mistake is because you need to defend your rights, not just give in and pay money so that the matter will be resolved. This is exactly what they want you to do, because they know that most people will not bother hiring a lawyer for something as small as a speeding ticket, because by simply paying the fine the violation will be forgotten. And add to that the fact that if a person does decide to go to court, they will commonly defend themselves, instead of hiring a professional. The reason for this is because they are under the false impression that they do not need experienced legal counsel for a speeding ticket.

Speeding Tickets are More Serious Than You May Think

Many people don't take a speeding ticket seriously. Despite the fact that a ticket can cause serious issues in terms of fines, insurance costs, a suspended license, and even points on their license, a majority of people who are issued a ticket will blindly assume or hope that the damage will be minimal, due to their clean driving record. While this can sometimes happen, it's rare, and in the cases which it does happen, the driver was extremely lucky. In most cases, police officers in Georgia determine the speed of a vehicle by using a speed detection device (radar gun), and because of the manner in which these devices are used they are required to be tested frequently for accuracy. Failure to do so can cause an inaccurate reading which would cause problems for drivers who weren't speeding at all.

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Georgia Speeding Laws Summary

In most areas of Georgia, a police officer will not issue a speeding ticket unless the driver was traveling 10 miles an hour over the speed limit, but that's not always the case. Rules in different counties and municipalities may differ, largely because the location where the incident happened may call into question the legality of the ticket. Also, if a speed limit has been changed recently (within the last 30 days), this can alter the ruling.

Harsher Penalties for Speeders in Georgia

In an effort to generate more revenue for the state, on July 1, 2009, Georgia's Super Speeder Law increased speeding penalties. This new rule causes drivers to be fined an additional $200 when traveling at a minimum of 85 miles per hour on the interstate or a minimum of 75 miles per hour on any two lane road. If you are in violation of the Super Speeder Law you need to take it seriously, because not doing so can cause headaches with your car insurance company as well as risk your future as a driver. If you are in violation of this relatively new speeding law talk to us before paying your ticket and potentially causing further problems for yourself. Our experienced team at the Marietta firm of Webb & D'Orazio will give you the answers that you need to defend your rights. We know your rights when it comes to the Georgia Super Speeder Law, and will aggressively defend them. Call our Marietta traffic ticket lawyers today so that we can discuss your case and evaluate your options. Before you admit your guilt, determine your choices for the future.

Why You Need a Marietta traffic ticket lawyer

Hopefully, you've come to the conclusion that you shouldn't handle a speeding ticket yourself because there are many complications which may arise. Give WEBB & D'ORAZIO a call so that we can help you to understand why it's a wise choice to do everything in your power to stand up to the ticket and not admit your guilt. Many people just like you have made the mistake of paying the fine only to realize that they just made matters worse. Give us a call at (770) 952-7000 and Webb & D'Orazio will handle the rest.

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