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Theft By Deception In Marietta Georgia

If you are facing theft by deception charges in Georgia, we understand you have many criminal defense lawyers you can choose. However, there are few criminal defense attorneys in Cobb County that have the track record of Webb & D' Orazio. Our criminal attorneys have been righting for the rights of people who have been charged with theft by deception and other criminal offenses in Georgia.

What is Theft By Deception?

In the state of Georgia, theft by deception means that you intentionally take another individuals property through deceptive means and for the purpose of depriving the individual of his or her property. You can also be charged with theft by deception if you accept payment for a service that you have not rendered. Additionally, if you sell property with liens to a person without disclosing the property claims, you could be charged with theft by deception. You could lose your civil rights and spend up to 15 years in prison if you are charged with theft by deception. Your right to possess a firearm and right to vote are examples of some of the civil rights that you can lose. Additionally, a felony conviction remains on your record, which can make it difficult to keep or get a job.

Even if you have not done anything wrong, you will still need a competent and experienced attorney who understands the laws regarding theft by deception. We at Webb & D'Orazio are experienced attorneys who will give you a comprehensive defense against your charges.

Seek Legal Assistance

We can give you legal advice and counsel depending on the circumstances and facts surrounding your case. We have several different strategies that can be used. We will work hard to get your felony charges reduced to a misdemeanor or get the charges dropped completely. We can also help you negotiate the best possible terms for a plea agreement. If it is necessary, our courtroom litigators can take on your case by a jury trial and argue the strongest possible case on your behalf. If you want to know more about how we can help you, then you should contact us today. Our phone number is 770-852-7000. We will be able to schedule a free case evaluation for you.

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"Having dealt with attorneys for many years, I always walked away feeling dissatisfied and taken advantage of. Robert was forthcoming and honest with what options we had, spoke and treated my family like humans. He was conscious of our budget and of our time. We need more attorney's like Robert."