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Possession with Intent to Distribute

If you live in Georgia and you are charged with possessing drugs with the intent to distribute, you need to hire a qualified lawyer. This is a grave charge, if not a felony, and those convicted could find their record is tarnished forever.

Possession with Intent to Sell Penalties

Many employers will not entertain you, you will not be entitled to vote or to possess a firearm and a lot of landlords will be unwilling to house you. Your criminal history will be taken into account, as will the type and quantity of drug peddled, and you could be facing a custodial sentence and fines in excess of $2,000.

In reality, there is so much at stake, so you must contact an expert criminal defense attorney to represent you. Webb & D'Orazio is a well-established law firm who has a proven track record of helping those charged with possessing drugs with the intent to distribute.

A Marietta Criminal Defense Lawyer with a Forceful Approach

Several factors will come into play if you are facing a charge of possessing drugs with the intent to distribute. We will build a rock solid defense, so we need to consider where the drugs were secreted. Possession can mean possession, but were the drugs hidden on your person, in a locker or in your auto?

Possessing drugs with the intent to distribute is quite different from the charge of drug possession. People who are charged with possessing drugs may be carrying a small amount for personal use, whereas someone who is charged with possessing with the intent to supply usually carries a larger quantity. In general, the charge commands other evidence such as baggies, a client list or a large sum of cash.

A Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer will focus on the lawfulness and the value of the charges. The police can be eager to arrest someone for possession with intent to distribute, hence evidence can be mishandled, suspects can be wrongly charged and constitutional rights can be violated. We are expert criminal defense lawyers who lookout for such mistakes.

Webb & D'Orazio are based in Marietta and we promise to build a strong defense to reduce the effects of any charges. Call us today at (770) 952-7000. We will give you a free case consultation.

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