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Marietta Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers

A personal injury case can arise when an individual slips or falls on property owned by a company or another person. This type of accident can have an enormous impact on everyday life and millions of people are affected each year. Recent reports show there are in excess of twenty five thousand falls a day and as many as nine million slips per year. On average, ninety five thousand working days a year are lost due to falls and slips. Naturally, these facts fail to highlight the seriousness of injuries caused by falls and slips, but in layman's terms, this kind of injury can be life-changing. Such injuries can result in job loss, enormous medical bills, loss of mobility and constant pain or disability.

At Webb & D'Orazio, We Have the Power to Pursue Compensation

If the owner of the premises fails to carry out routine maintenance tasks to keep the premises safe they may be liable to pay compensation to anyone who slips or falls on the property. Owners can be held liable for numerous reasons including:

  • Failure to repair defective property
  • Failure to remove foreign objects from the floor
  • Failing to clear snow, ice or water
  • Failing to design the premises accordingly
  • Failing to display hazard warning signs

In essence, owners who fail to make their property safe or erect the correct hazard warning signs could be held liable if someone is injured as a result of a fall or a slip on their property.

Our Professional Attorneys know How to Determine Liability in fall or Slip Accidents

Liability is generally determined by considering the facts of the case. Vital factual considerations include:

  • How long has the safety hazard existed
  • Has the owner had time to fix the problem since discovering it?
  • Were the necessary steps taken to carry out the correct repairs?
  • Was the claimant careless and did this contribute to the accident in any way

The individuals insurers or the company's insurance firm will begin the investigation immediately after the fall or slip happens. The insurers will endeavor to settle the claim quickly and pay as little as possible. Insurance companies have specific and lengthy procedures when dealing with slip and fall claims and they will ask many challenging questions at the start of the claim.

The insurance firm is likely to take detailed statements from the claimant and all eye- witnesses, they will ensure photographs are taken and examine the premises closely to get a clear picture of the injuries received. The insurers will usually aim to complete all of the above tasks during the first seven days after the slip and fall incident. Claimants should note a percentage of insurers will gather the relevant information no later than forty eight hours after the injury.

We Know How to Deal with Insurance Companies

Every insurance company has its own tactics and numerous insurers will press for a fast settlement. The injured person is not their priority; their main aim is to avoid paying future medical expenses, other damages and loss of earnings. Injured people are vulnerable, but they must avoid falling into such a trap. It may take months to assess the extent of an injury caused by a slip and fall accident, for example, the individual may need to undergo surgery or extensive treatment. If corrective surgery fails the injured person may be permanently disabled. This is the reason why the settlement can only take place after a definite prognosis by a qualified physician. In the majority of cases, the State of Georgia allows the injured party two years to file the claim; hence there is no need to accept any early settlement offered by an insurance firm. Accept the early settlement and you may regret doing so if your injuries worsen.

People injured in slip and fall accidents often encounter other complications. For example, your health insurers may decide to settle the outstanding medical bills and seek reimbursement from the third parties insurers. In this case, their right to reimbursement is limited. Likewise, those who were injured whilst they were working may be entitled to payment for loss of earnings and medical expenses from the Workers Compensation Insurance. Yet again, there are limits on the right to reimbursement. You must understand that it is important to discuss these issues before accepting an early settlement from the insurance firm.

We Ensure that Insurance Companies Treat You Fairly

It can be difficult to determine the worth of a slip and fall claim. The settlement much depends on the nature and extent of the injury or injuries, liability issues and economic losses. The location of the hearing and any prior personal injuries experienced by the claimant will be taken into account when evaluating the worth of the personal injury claim. The majority of insurance companies are expert at dealing with personal injury claims and they aim to settle for the lowest sum possible. If you are dealing with an insurance company you should enlist the help of an expert Cobb County Personal Injury Lawyer, a specialized injury attorney who will fight for your rights.

Hire a Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer who deals with slip and fall claims on a daily basis and you will be in safe hands. The personal injury attorney will start litigation proceedings, guide you through the claim process and ensure your claim is settled fairly and honestly. After all, why should you suffer because someone else has been negligent?

If you feel you are entitled to claim for a trip and fall or a slip and fall accident, feel free to contact the Webb & D'Orazio law firm. We are leading injury claim lawyers who have helped thousands of citizens to make a claim. We are here to help and we will offer you a free and private initial consultation. Call us today and we will explain the claims process to you.

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