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Lawyers for Marietta Controlled Substance Charges

If you're found to be in violation of the Controlled Substances Act, while illegally possessing prescription medications, there is help. The Marietta law firm of Webb & D'Orazio offers advice on the charges and legal representation. Our practice includes criminal defense, for charges related to prescription drugs, in Marietta and surrounding jurisdictions. Prescription medications are highly controlled in Georgia and other states. It is a crime to possess prescription medications that belong to someone else or are bought on the street. it is also illegal to sell and distribute prescription drugs.

Prescription medications are classified into various schedules, according to chemical composition, action, and risk for abuse. Many prescription pain relievers and muscle relaxers pose a risk of addiction. Still, they are necessary for many people. But, prescriptions should never be shared or sold. With the exception of marijuana, possessing this class of pain relievers and muscle relaxers is illegal, without a legitimate prescription from a licensed practitioner.

The seriousness of Prescription drug Possession Convictions

If you're charged with possessing, distribution, or intent to distribute, fraud, and federal charges related to illegal possession of prescription drugs, you need a strong defense and skilled legal representation. The experienced lawyers at Webb & D'Orazio will work hard to have charges dropped or reduced, depending in the particular situation. Some factors that can influence the length of a sentence include carrying prescription drugs across state lines, with the intent to distribute. If arrested near a school, the charges can be stiffer. In either case, the individual possessing prescription drugs illegally is subject to federal charges, which will undoubtedly affect his or her life permanently.

Call Webb & D'Orazio in Marietta for Legal Defenses related to prescription drug charges

Anyone charged with a crime related to prescription drugs should have skilled representation. Associated fines and penalties can result in permanent loss of civil rights, as well as jail time. Therefore, it pays to have a skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer, who knows the Georgia Controlled Substance Act.

The charges are usually too serious to risk taking a chance with a court appointed attorney or by going to court without adequate representation. If you find yourself facing charges related to prescription drugs, call (770) 952-7000. You can't afford not to have legal counsel, when facing felony drug charges, in Marietta and surrounding communities. You need the knowledge add experience of effective a Cobb County criminal defense lawyer, when facing felony prescription drug charges.

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