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Understanding The Work Of A Product Liability Attorney

Marietta Ga Attorneys Dealing With Lawsuits and Claims Related to Harmful or Faulty Products

The attorneys at Webb & D'Orazio have significant experience in the area of product liability litigation and law. They have dealt with numerous wrongful death and personal injury cases in Marietta Ga, against firms that sold and/or made an unsafe or defective product. The cases related to product liability that Webb & D'Orazio pursue, involve lots of harmful or defective conditions on a range of products.

This includes:

  • machinery
  • tools
  • industrial hardware
  • toys
  • flammable clothes
  • leisure vehicles
  • contaminated food
  • cars
  • tires
  • prescription medication and
  • medical devices.

The attorneys at Webb & D'Orazio specialize in product liability litigation, and are happy to pursue cases of defective products in Marietta Ga.

Dangerous or Defective Products are a Major Cause of Wrongful Death and Serious Injuries

Partly due to lawsuits related to product liability, several manufacturers have made their products safer. Over the past few decades, lots of unacceptably harmful products have been either taken off the market, or had their warnings or designs significantly improved. Nonetheless, even nowadays, numerous dangerous and defective products still go on sale, and lead to an amazing quantity of deaths and injuries. Based on a report from the CPSC (the American Commission for Consumer Product Safety), dangerous products cause almost thirty million injuries, and more than twenty-two thousand deaths every year. The CPSC, on average, has to recall roughly four-hundred products from the US marketplace annually. Doing this helps to reduce the risk of death or injury to consumers, however it doesn't come near to eradicating the issue of fatal and harmful products. Given the increase in Chinese imported products (as well as products from other overseas countries), the risks of being killed or injured by faulty products will probably be a problem for the foreseeable future.

How a Knowledgeable Product Liability Attorney can Help

There are numerous reasons why cases involving product liability claims are usually more expensive and challenging, compared to other kinds of personal injury lawsuits. For starters, the defendants are normally big corporate manufacturers, that have lots of resources to contest and prolong the litigation. Furthermore, cases involving product liability typically present complex scientific or engineering issues, regarding the design of the product, its' potential dangers, and/or the reason for its' failure or malfunction. This needs significant research, assessment and study by the lawyers dealing with the case. Also, testimonies from engineers or other certified experts in the relevant fields are nearly always needed, to lend credence to the plaintiffs' allegations in product liability cases. Arranging for these experts to support the plaintiff's case is not always a straightforward process. To properly formulate the arguments they will present to the courts, product liability attorneys usually have to carry out tests, studies or incident reconstructions. This type of work can be fairly costly. Lastly, product liability is an extremely complicated field of law. Many legal issues and claims are specific to cases that involve allegations about defective or unsafe products, which have caused someone to be killed or injured.

This is why lawsuits related to product liability should be dealt with by Marietta Ga lawyers, who are knowledgeable about these kinds of cases. These professionals focus a significant amount of their attention on product liability litigation.

If a member of your family has been killed or injured by a harmful product, you ought to enlist the services of a Marietta product liability attorney. Webb & D'Orazio has the necessary expertise and resources to bring cases against the biggest of corporations, if they have manufactured a defective or unsafe vehicle, medical device, toy, machine, tire, drug, tool or similar product.

Product Liability law in Focus

Typically, 'product liability' relates to a legal lawsuit, where one party claims that a product didn't work correctly, malfunctioned, or was highly dangerous and resulted in at least one person being injured or killed. With product liability lawsuits, plaintiffs aim to hold manufacturers, designers, distributors and/or sellers of dangerous products legally culpable, for damages linked to deaths or injuries caused by those dangerous products. As a rule of thumb, laws that govern product liability encompass personal property, rather than real estate, land or property enhancements. Some instances of 'personal property' covered by product liability legislation include all kinds of consumer products, like appliances, tools, furniture, toys, sporting equipment, weapons and automobiles. Also, product liability lawsuits can involve all kinds of construction, farming or industrial equipment or machinery. Additionally, prepared or raw food items, medical devices, prescription medication, beverages and over the counter drugs can be subject to product liability proceedings. Virtually anything that is produced or manufactured, and then made available for sale to the general public, could wind up being on the receiving end of a product liability lawsuit.

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