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Theft by Taking

The Georgia court system considers theft by taking to be a serious offense. Individuals may be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor depending on the facts of the case. If an individual steals good or property valued at $500 or less, the charge is a misdemeanor. If the value of the goods or property stolen is more than $500, the charge could be a felony.

What Qualifies as Theft by Taking?

Anyone who takes possession of an item that belongs to someone else without the owner's permission can be charged with theft by taking. Possessing an item and preventing the rightful owner from possessing it can result in a charge and possible conviction of a crime.

A qualified Cobb County criminal defense lawyer is familiar with what it takes to defend you against any charges and allegations associated with theft by taking. The experienced attorneys working for the law firm of Webb & D'Orazio have the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to protect your legal rights if the state files theft by taking charges against you. We can investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest and verify that police conduct and procedures were proper in addition to preparing a strong legal defense against any criminal charges.

Qualified Lawyers in Marietta Can Successfully Defend Against Theft By Taking Charges

If you are charged with theft by taking, you should hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Your attorney should be familiar with every aspect of state law and what elements the prosecution must prove to obtain a guilty verdict. If the state is unable to show that you intentionally deprived an individual of personal property, a conviction is unlikely.

Anyone who faces theft by taking charges will have to endure the hassle and stress of navigating the complicated legal system. The lawyers at Webb & D'Orazio in Marietta, Georgia, will do everything possible to eliminate or reduce the charges against you and achieve a favorable outcome. Our goal is to avoid a conviction. To schedule a free consultation with a qualified theft by taking attorney, call the offices of Webb & D'Orazio at 770-952-7000 today.

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