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The DUI Process

Should you be one of the many Georgia motorists placed under arrest for driving under the influence (DUI), you will certainly soon be learning more than ever about the DUI process. There is little doubt that this ordeal faced by the driver from the time they are pulled over right up to the time it is concluded is going to be one filled with tremendous stress and anxiety. This is one reason why the affected person should make every effort to get the help they need to learn about and deal with these terrifying issues which are experienced in the DUI process.


For starters, the Department of Driver Services (DDS) is notified as soon as you have been arrested for the offense. Various administrative penalties move into effect immediately including a 30 day or longer license suspension which is automatic. Should you wish to make an appeal of this sentence, you have to notify the DDS of this decision within 10 days of the arrest date.

Be aware that even should you be fortunate enough to retain your privileges to drive, once the criminal charges are reviewed, you will be facing many other penalties. Under the mandatory sentencing guidelines in the state of Georgia, even a DUI conviction for one's first time can result in possible jail time, substantial fees and additional license suspensions. Of course if at the time of the arrest you were involved in a serious accident, or if you have a previous negative history in these matters, the consequences can be even far more severe.


The bottom line is that when you do appear in court to face your charges, you want to have the very best legal representation on your side to handle things. DUI Attorney Robert Webb of Webb & D'Orazio is standing by to help provide that guidance and direction you need in this difficult time. He is a Marietta DUI lawyer dedicated to providing an aggressive defense to help offset the conviction for drunk driving, and you may be certain you will be constantly kept in the loop of things every step of the way throughout the stressful proceedings.

A strong defense strategy will be provided whether it be in proving the results of the breath test to be unreliable, or challenging the testimony of the officer who conducted the arrest. Robert Webb is totally versed in the DUI laws in Georgia and knows how best to benefit his clients. Literally thousands of drivers have benefited from the work of Attorney Webb and his associates, and had their charges dramatically reduced or eliminated.

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