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Many times high school students are portrayed as being people just itching for trouble and experimenting with drugs. There are times in a young person's life when they might make bad decisions. They are learning, growing up, and don't take into account the full weight of their actions.

There are also times when the allegations against them are totally false and they are stereotyped. These allegations can have a real negative impact on their lives if found guilty, even though they are innocent. Either way their best move is to have a consultation with an experienced professional attorney who knows can fight to protect their rights and keep their future intact.

Whenever a juvenile gets accused of illegal drug possession or even having legal drugs without the proper prescriptions, it puts them at risk of suffering harsh penalties. They might have to pay steep fines, spend time in juvenile detention, and have certain freedoms taken away. Criminal records are something that would follow them all the way into adulthood. A criminal record can cause a lot of problems for doing regular things like getting into college, choosing a career path, and a lot more. Our criminal defense attorneys at Webb & D'Orazio in Marietta are here to help.

Georgia Law & Juvenile Drug Possession:

After a juvenile has committed any offense considered to be a crime, then a petition that alleges delinquency may be filed against them. In Georgia a juvenile is defined as anyone under 17 years of age. That juvenile would then have to appear in a juvenile court, and that is where it would be determined whether or not they would be adjudicated and convicted in the same manner as an adult. There are many times when a juvenile is found guilty, and receives an alternative judgment to juvenile detention, like probation or special programs.

In Georgia it is illegal for anyone to possess some certain drugs. Some of these are cocaine, marijuana, illegally obtained prescription drugs, methamphetamine, or any type of controlled substances. Adults found guilty of this can receive prison sentences and many other damaging and costly penalties as well. How severe these penalties will be depends on what type of drugs were involved, how much of the drug was involved, the previous record of the defendant, and many other factors related to the circumstances involved.

Any drug a person possesses, that is listed under Schedule I or II of the Georgia drug laws, will automatically place them in the felony category. These sections include all drugs that have been deemed as being highly addictive and very dangerous.

Anytime a juvenile commits a delinquent act, and it would have been charged to an adult as a criminal offense, they could potentially receive penalties like the following -

  1. Probation.
  2. Community Service.
  3. Payment of Restitution.
  4. Commitment to the Custody of the Dept. of Juvenile Justice.
  5. Placement in a Rehabilitation or Treatment Program.
  6. Fees Paid to the County's General Fund.
  7. Placed in a Camp, or Institution, or any Facility Specifically Designed to Hold Juvenile Delinquents.

Whenever an offense would be deemed as being a felony if an adult committed the act, or if the offense was a serious misdemeanor involving the likelihood of injury or an actual injury to others, courts may order that juvenile to serve as much as 30 days in a treatment program or youth development center.

Seeking Strong Legal Counsel:

We are a strong criminal defense firm in Cobb County. Webb & D'Orazio handle cases that are related to a broad range of drug crimes as well as juvenile crimes. We also cover a large variety of other criminal offenses. Anyone who is a juvenile and has been accused of a criminal act in Marietta or the surrounding areas of Georgia, should contact US immediately so we can start building your defense. You can reach us at (770) 952-7000.

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