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The law firm of Webb & D'Orazio provides clients with the benefit of experienced attorneys who know their way around the Cobb County and many other Georgia court systems. 


Over the decades, they have earned the respect of judges and court personnel throughout the system. Attorney Webb in particular provides an advantage to clients as a result of his having served as a Cobb County prosecutor and attorney for the Cobb County Government, Sheriff and Police Departments, Risk Management, and other departments. He understands how the prosecutorial side thinks and can prepare his clients' matters accordingly.

Robert F. Webb graduated from Emory Law School in 1978 and has 45 years experience handling criminal cases. Having started his career in the Cobb County Solicitor's Office he handled thousands of criminal cases in Cobb County and elsewhere in the State. Currently Mr. Webb restricts his practice to Cobb County where he enjoys many personal relationships with Judges, Prosecutors and their staffs. Mr. Webb has also served as a Cobb County Attorney and Georgia Police Instructor. He is a member of the Emory Law School Trial Techniques faculty. Mr. Webb will not accept any outcome that is not the best available for every client he represents.

Robert F. Webb
Robert F. Webb
  • Robert F. Webb

    Graduated from Emory School of Law in 1978. Former Cobb County, GA prosecutor, County Attorney fo...

  • John S. D'Orazio

    John DOrazio was born in Hampton Rhodes, Virginia in 1951. His family moved to greater Atlanta wh...

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"Having dealt with attorneys for many years, I always walked away feeling dissatisfied and taken advantage of. Robert was forthcoming and honest with what options we had, spoke and treated my family like humans. He was conscious of our budget and of our time. We need more attorney's like Robert."