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What Happens If You Fail To Appear In Court

If you are given a court date, then it is definitely in your best interest to show up for it. You could be facing significant trouble down the road if you fail to appear, whether it is a relatively minor hearing or something as serious as a drug charge. Regardless of how long you wait the matter will have to be handled, and the sooner you take care of a legal problem, the better.

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You may have missed your court date because you had an emergency come up, or you did not have transportation. The consequences will be significant unless you take the necessary steps to remedy the situation. This should be resolved immediately if you have not been arrested yet. If you are considered a fugitive while you are caught, then things can get very complicated. You should contact a Marietta criminal defense lawyer such as the attorneys at Webb & D'Orazio immediately for help before you get arrested and miss out on some options. However, if you have already been arrested, we can still put together some defense strategies to improve your outcome.

Outstanding Criminal Warrant And Georgia Failure To Appear

A bench warrant will be issued if a court date is missed. A bench warrant is exactly what it sounds like: a warrant that is issued from the judge's bench. This warrant is accessible to every police officer in the state and even other states. This means that you could be arrested for a simple traffic stop. You could be held up to three days if you are arrested on a bench warrant -- that's 72 hours in jail if you are given the chance to explain. If you contact an attorney, then you may be able to resolve this problem within a few minutes without going to jail. However, if you wait too long then you could be arrested and held in jail until things are sorted out.

Many people believe that if they wait long enough, their problems will go away. However, a bench warrant will not go away unless you do something about it. If there is an active warrant for your arrest, save yourself stress and time by working with an attorney. This may require that you turn yourself in. However, this will look better to a judge than continuing to hide from the courts and eventually getting arrested.

The criminal defense attorneys at Webb & D' Orazio will help you determine the best way to handle things and examine your options. You cannot hide from a failure to appear warrant forever. Being proactive about the situation is much better than just waiting around until you are arrested.

If you have missed your court date, then we can help you. It does not matter whether you have a legitimate excuse for missing court, or you skipped court on purpose. We will help you so that you can get this problem resolved as quickly as possible.

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