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Personal Injury Attorneys in Marietta

When it comes to experiencing a personal injury due to no fault of your own, most people are unaware of what the correct procedure is in order to receive the best protection and compensation.  In those types of situations, it is always recommended to speak with a personal injury attorney.  Remember: time is always of the essence and cases are won and lost based on how the victim handles the injury.

If you have been involved in a personal injury, contact our attorneys today to set up a consultation.  We understand if you cannot get to us and will make arrangements to fully hear and understand your situation.

Finding the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have gotten into a serious injury due to the negligence of someone else, it can be quite frustrating, as you have to deal with insurers who have no idea how bad you were affected due to the negligence of the offending party.  Instead of recuperating, you are forced to negotiate with individuals who are not truly interested in assisting you. The Marietta personal injury attorneys of Webb & D'Orazio work tirelessly to represent their clients, individuals who have been maimed due to reckless, careless or wrongful actions of others. Robert Webb and John D'Orazio, Read more here.

Slip and Fall Injuries

A personal injury case can arise when an individual slips or falls on property owned by a company or another person. This type of accident can have an enormous impact on everyday life and millions of people are affected each year. Recent reports show there are in excess of twenty five thousand falls a day and as many as nine million slips per year. On average, ninety five thousand working days a year are lost due to falls and slips. Naturally, these facts fail to highlight the seriousness of injuries caused by falls and slips, but in layman's terms, this kind of injury can be life-changing. Such injuries can result in job loss, enormous medical bills, loss of mobility and constant pain or disability.  Read more here.

Experts in Car Accidents

The injuries sustained in car accidents can result in injuries that are severe and life-changing. In addition to the effects of injuries, financial loss may be suffered by the persons involved or by their families. It is gratifying to know that the law confers on the injured person the right to be compensated for the loss. The law covers economic losses such as medical costs, loss of wages, funeral expenses, among other costs. The pain and suffering caused by the injuries or the treatment can also be the subject of financial compensation, as can the loss of services of a spouse to the surviving partner. Money cannot make up for the effects of an injury but it can help to alleviate any financial hardship that might result.  Read more here.

Medical Malpractice

We rely on doctors and physicians to provide us with proper medical care when we are sick but sadly that's not always the case. When a scalpel is in the hands of an incompetent surgeon during surgery or when a physician neglects basic diagnosis procedure, we put ourselves at risk from suffering permanent injuries and death from the hands of these medical professionals we trust with our lives. There are laws that protect us against medical malpractice which give us the right to bring to court medical institutions and their staff and demand financial compensation. While getting the right monetary compensation cannot fully bring us back to our lives prior to the accident, it will pay for long term medical expenses and everything that can make life easier in dealing with permanent disability.  Read more here.

Wrongful Death Attorneys in Marietta

Losing a friend or family member is a very painful experience. It could be even more difficult to manage when the person's demise occurs unexpectedly. You begin to wonder the plans he or she made and what you both were thinking for the future. At this time, the bereaved may be both unwilling and unable to pursue claims surrounding the death. This is where the role of a personal injury attorney cannot be neglected. One of the things to do at this time is to file a claim against the person who caused the death. Actually, there are many personal injury attorneys who will be ready to take up the matter but you are encouraged to find the one who you can trust and work with like a family member who shares the same burden with you.  Read more here.

Product Liability

The attorneys at Webb & D'Orazio have significant experience in the area of product liability litigation and law. They have dealt with numerous wrongful death and personal injury cases in Marietta Ga, against firms that sold and/or made an unsafe or defective product. The cases related to product liability that Webb & D'Orazio pursue, involve lots of harmful or defective conditions on a range of products.  Read more here.

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