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Prostitution And The Importance Of Hiring A Marietta Criminal Defense Lawyer

Prostitution is a common profession that has been around for as long as history has been written. However, that doesn't stop the occupation from being highly illegal in almost every state. Prostitution is a crime that comes with enormous risk and offers little reward.

What is Prostitution?

Simply put, prostitution is the swapping of sex, sexual contact, or sexual favors for some sort of reward. Usually the reward is money, but people are creative and exchange all sorts of other things like drugs or valuable items. It used to be commonplace to see people soliciting sex workers on street corners or in alleys. While this practice still occurs, today there are prostitutes of every race and gender willing to meet their clients in many different places, even their homes. Some prostitutes even arrange meetings with clients through websites. In fact, social media has also become a tool utilized by prostitutes and potential clients alike.

Prostitution is a Sex Crime

With prostitution becoming so widespread and so easy to participate in, law officials have begun to really crack down on the profession. Task forces all over the country are organizing undercover operations to expose prostitution.

It just so happens that Georgia is a state where both a prostitute and his or her clients can be charged with steep penalties. Even just exchanging money with a prostitute can potentially land someone in hot water, whether or not the deal was completed. If someone is caught with a prostitute, they could very well face jail time. If they don't end up in jail, they would have to pay heavy fines as well as participate in community service and sex related workshops.

The prostitutes themselves face the same punishments, and worse. Did you know a person convicted of prostitution may no longer be allowed to vote? Not to mention the turmoil that will be caused by being convicted of a sex crime. People convicted of prostitution may have to register as sex offenders, which can cause great harm to their social lives. On top of facing backlash from neighbors and family, current and possible future employers might not look too kindly on such an arrest record.

Prostitution is a sex crime that can cause lasting harm to anyone who participates in it.

What to Do if You're Caught Engaging in Prostitution

If you're caught engaging in prostitution, there's still hope. Your whole life doesn't have to be upended as long as you take appropriate measures. First and foremost, contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Walking into court without proper representation is a gamble that could drastically affect your life. It is extremely important to find an expert to help you during this situation. Know your rights, and if you don't, consult someone who does. Luckily enough, an excellent Marietta Criminal Defense Lawyer isn't hard to find.

Participating in criminal sex practices offers more risk than benefit. Hiring a good defense attorney such as Webb & D'Orazio can help keep your life intact, but you should be wary of engaging in acts that put it at risk to begin with. Give us a call today at 770-952-7000 for a free consultation.

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