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Webb & D'Orazio Can Negotiate Pretrial Diversion Programs

Some counties in Georgia have something called "pretrial diversion" programs for offenders charged with a crime who meet certain requirements.

Under these types of programs, prosecutors agree to refer offenders to diversion programs with the condition that criminal charges will be dropped or cases will not proceed to conviction after a specified period of time of the program is successfully completed. Your Marietta criminal defense lawyer can explain how pretrial diversion programs can keep eligible individuals with alternatives to jail and criminal convictions.

Pretrial diversion programs are not available in all Georgia counties, nor are they available for all crimes. That is why you need a qualified Cobb County criminal defense lawyer such as one of the attorneys at Webb & D'Orazio to advise you regarding your bet legal options and negotiate on your behalf with local prosecutors. Discussing your eligibility for these programs is an important step prior to making plea deals in court. If you make a plea in court, you no longer are considered an offender and become ineligible for pretrial diversion.

As an experienced Cobb County criminal defense lawyers, Robert Webb has extensive knowledge in negotiating successful pretrial diversion programs for their clients, even for those who thought they were ineligible. To evaluate your case, schedule a consultation with the Webb & D'Orazio law firm today.

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