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Accidents are unplanned occurrences that can cost a fortune to any driver. This is why a driver should try as much as possible to avoid collisions with trailers, semi trucks, tractors and buses. In most cases, accidents result to loss of lives and properties of the passengers and the driver. The bad news is that auto accidents can occur anytime, anywhere and more especially along highways and state boundaries where vehicles are usually at top speed. This is why accidents are the major cause of untimely deaths and injuries that can make one maimed for life.

The Role of Personal Injury Lawyers in Alleviating the Pains Caused by accidents.

Apart from the loss of lives and properties, accidents can make one to become poor overnight. To fix this, the law has a provision to protect those who have no part in causing the accident. This means the party who is responsible for the accident is required by the law to pay full compensation to the other victims.

Some of the expenses the offender will make include payment of hospital bills, lost wages, recovery of damaged items and funeral rites if it leads to death. The offender also bears the responsibility of making the injured party comfortable during his stay in the hospital or wherever treatment is taken. If the injured party is married, the offender will also ensure that the spouse and children are relieved of the financial burdens caused by the undue absence of the man or woman.

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During this period, insurance companies may want to take advantage of you. The insurance companies involved try to avoid situations that may cost them much. Unfortunately, you may not be able to affect their decisions because of their terms and conditions which had been a tradition even before you joined.

The insurance company will try to take a lot of precaution at this time. After hearing from eye witnesses and those who were part of the car accident, they take photographs of the vehicles involved; get a police report and try to estimate the extent of damage done to the vehicles and the injuries sustained by the individuals. These details can be obtained in just a day. However, it can take up to seven days to ascertain the cause of the accident and other information if the circumstances are not clear and more deaths were recorded.

Enforcing Insurance Companies to do Their Job

Many insurance companies do not work the same way. However, they try to hasten their procedures when individuals are critically affected by accidents. The reason for this is to avoid responsibility for payment of accumulated hospital bills and wages of the victim. This is something everyone who is involved in a motor accident should know. An insurance company will like to close the matter in less than two weeks even when it should normally not take less than two months so as to get proper diagnosis and treatment. Sometimes, they want to avoid being responsible for the surgical treatment and consultancy fees.

A very fatal accident can make the person disabled for life even when the best medical attention is given. As a result, it is necessary to compel the insurance company to demand for the prognosis. In Georgia, auto accident victims are given a period of 24 months to file a lawsuit and reclaim their personal injury losses. This means that auto accident victims should not condescend to the pressure mounted by the insurance companies to close the case. Whether it is a bus, truck, tractor or any kind of vehicle, the Georgia State law is made for your protection.

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Other situations may come up immediately after your treatment and recovery. For instance, assuming your hospital bills were paid by your health insurance, you may be asked to make a refund by contacting the truck insurance. While this is only obtainable in some cases, your health insurance can also be wrong. Hence, it is important to seek the advice of a lawyer when you face such a challenge.

Also note that your company's insurance will also be involved in settling your bills if you got the accident while working. Be aware that you may also be told to sign a deal for repayment. This is not obtainable in all cases so you should also see the Cobb County personal injury lawyers at Webb & D'Orazio. .

Companies that deal with trucks in Georgia are capable of handling accident cases. However, the law grants them the right to the maximum amount they should spend. For instance, only $100,000.00 is to be paid for an individual and a maximum of $300,000.00 to $500,000.00 in any accident. Since these may not be enough, there is still need to meet a personal injury lawyer for more help.

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